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  • Sin color - 243 Pegamento adhesivo anaeróbico fijador de roscas de resistencia media 50 ml Nuevo

    $ 2,00
    Model: 243 glue
    Content: 50ml
    Bonding material types: metal, electronic components, metal screw
    Classification of Resin Adhesives: Silicone Resin Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives, Gun Hot Melt Adhesives
    Shear strength: 12 (MPa)
    Effective substances (% )
    Active life: 20 (min)
    Shelf life: 24 (months)
    Liquid Color: Blue
    Applications: aerospace, military, automobile, machinery, electrical and electronic industries
    Curing mode: hypoxic state
    Function: Bonding
    Viscosity (mpa. s): 2250/12000
    Temperature range (. C): - 50 C - 150 C
    Average disassembly moment (N.M): 7
    Average Failure Torque (N.M): 20
    Curing speed (initial solidification/complete solidification): 10min/24h
    Packaging includes:
    1 bottle of 243 glue